Braintree, December 2, 1788

My dearest Friend

Before this time I hope you have the Happiness to See your Daughter out of all Danger and your Son in Law and your two grand children in perfect health. I have no Letter from you, Since that you wrote at Hartford, and I cannot find fault because this is the first I have written to you. We are all very well, and go on very well. Charles came home and Thomas went to Haverhill, last Week.

We are all in a Surry with Politicks. Mr. Dalton and Mr. Strong are Senators and Mr. Lowell will be Representative for the District of Suffolk, as is generally Supposed. Mr. Varnum, Mr. Partridge Coll. Leonard, Mr. Grout Mr. Sedgwick or Mr. Lyman Mr. Jackson or Mr. Dane or Mr. Goodhue, Mr. Thatcher or Col. Sewall, are named for other Districts.

My Love to our Children and Respects and Regards wherever you please.

Dont be uneasy, on account of your Family here, nor in haste to come home before a good Opportunity presents.

I dont enter into any political Details. My Mind has ballanced all Circumstances, and all are reducible to two Articles Vanity and comfort. I have the Whip-BowAlternative in my own Power. If they mortify my Vanity they give me Comfort. They cannot deprive me of Comfort without gratifying my Vanity. I am my dearest Friend yours forever

John Adams



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