New York, April 6, 1789

Dear Sir,

The arrival of R. H. Lee yesterday has made up a Quorum of the Senate. A Quorum in the other House was made on wednesday last. The ballots will be opened to-day, unless an indisposition of Mr. Basset should prevent, which was not probable yesterday afternoon. The notifications of the President & Vice President will be left to the Senate. Mr. Charles Thomson will be the messenger to the former.

The papers will have made known that Mr. Mulenburg was the choice of the Representatives for their Speaker, & Mr. Beckley for their Clerk. The competitor of the former was Mr. Trumbul who had a respectable vote; of the latter Mr. S. Stockton, of new Jersey, who, on the first ballot, had the same number with Mr. Beckley.

A British Packet arrived some days ago, but has not brought as far as I have learned, any public letters. The other information brought has passed into our Gazettes, and will have reached you thro’ that channel.

I am Dear Sir with the highest respect & attachment Your Obedt & very hble Servt.

Your favor, inclosing a letter recd at Mount Vernon for me has been duly received.


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