New York, June 18, 1789


By Col. Delaney I have the Honour to transmit You a Sett of the Minutes of the House of Representatives, as far as they are at present printed, and if you will be at the Trouble of having them filed I will transmit the preceeding Sheets as fast as they come from the press. I also inclose the Bill to establish the judicial Courts of the U. States as the same was reported to the Senate by a Comittee appointed for that purpose. A considerable Time I presume will elapse before the same is passed in the Senate & transmitted to our House, If your Time will permit to favour me with your Observations thereon you will lay me under particular Obligations. We have these two Days past had a very important and interesting Debate on a Motion to strike out the Words: "to be removeable by the president," in the bill for establ[ish]ing the Department of foreign Affairs. The Question will probably be decided this Day, and I sincerely wish & hope the words may not be struck out, as without them I should consider the Act very imperfect indeed. The Anti's now begin to discover themselves, and they are on this Occasion bringing their whole force to a point, I think I see an antifederal Monster growing, which if it should gain Strength will I fear interrupt the Harmony with which we have hitherto proceeded. I have the Honr. to be with much Esteem

Your most obedt.
humble Servant

Fredk. A. Muhlenberg


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