June 19, 1789

Since Tuesday we have been engaged in Considering a Clause of a Bill for establishing the Department of Secretary for Foreign Affairs-- to wit "To be removeable from office by the President of the United States."

There has been much Debate and as my Mind has made been made up for two Days I take this Opportunity [lined out] when Gentlemen are repeating what has been said over and over again, to write to you and shall give you the Determination as soon as the Question is put [. . .]

The Question was put upon the Clause above referred at 2 OClock P.M. and carried by 30 agst. 20 that the Clause shall stand-- this was a very cardinal Point--upon which the Happiness or Misery of this Country much depends.

The Responsibility of the President is much established and tho' the Senate may have a Negative upon the Persons he may nominate it yet of from their Cabals proper Men cannot be brought forward--he will have it in his Power to remove such improper Persons as soon as he discovers their unfitness-- The Arguments have been very lengthy-- you will find most of them in the News-papers from Philada. next week. I shall say no more at present but conclude with my most respectful Compliments to Mrs. Yeates Miss Molly of the Family and Complm. to Genl. Hand and his Family and other inquiring Friends.


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